Neck Lipo/chin Implant: Right Side More Swollen & Painful then Left?

my right side has alot of lumpiness that i try to massage out a few times a day, but its really bad under my chin on the right side (also had a chin implant) extended beneath jawline and i noticed there is a bruised-looking area where the most lumpiness occurs. *Since it is bruised is this the likely caused why theres most lumpiness & swelling then my left side?? & *should i continue massaging it right now?? It hurts and its 1 week 2 days post-op.

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Lumpiness, bruising and asymmetrical tenderness after Liposuction of your neck

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Dear Blondie,

What you're experiencing is not out of the norm. You are fresh out of surgery and temporary lumpiness, tenderness and shooting pains can occur. I advise patients to do some gentle massage and wait it out. An uncomfortable numbness can persist after liposuction on any part of the body-this may persist from 4 to 6 months and this is completely normal.

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