Neck Lipo Vs. Chin Implant

I have somewhat of a double chin and a short neckline. I'm afraid if I get a chin implant, my neck will look even shorter. What is the best procedure for me, neck lipo or chin implant?

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Neck liposuction or chin implant?

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Your photo suggests that you would benefit from a chin implant and lipo to improve the angle between the jawline and neck.  This procedure will increase the jawline length.

Brampton Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Liposuction

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 First start with neck liposuction, then consider the chin implant.  The chin implants we see have had migration of the implant, bone erosion, pain, and other complaints.  We do not promote chin implants due to so many problems we see from other chin implant surgeries.  In the right hands, this can be a good surgery, but there are many variables, and so many other options now, we just do not do this procedure, and offer neck liposuction, facelifts, fillers, etc.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Both Chin Implant and Neck Liposuction will improve jaw line by reducing double chin and lengthening the chin

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A Chin Implant will not shorten your jaw line. A chin Implant should make your jaw line longer.

Chin or Neck Liposuction will remove fat from beneath your chin and lessen the double chin.

The combination of a Chin Implant and Neck or Chin Liposuction should make your result even better than either procedure alone.

For photos of the result of a combination Chin Implant and Laser Liposuction of the neck with Slim lipo see the link below.

Maybe Both?

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First and foremost it is wise to visit with several plastic surgeons. A chin implant will define and stretch the tissues. The addition of liposuction will further scuplt the chin/neck. DrES

Neck Lipo and chin implant

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Your picture cuts off the tip of your nose so we can't fully assess your profile. However,  the partial picture suggests that you would benefit from a chin implant and neck liposuction. This would provide the best contour along your chin and jawline and provide a nice sharpening of the angle of your neck creating a more youthful and slimmer appearance.

Edgar Franklin Fincher, MD, PhD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

Chin Implant AND Neck Liposuction

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To better advise you a true lateral (side) view from both sides in the neutral gaze position would be helpful. However, from the view you submitted a chin implant placed properly could add both much needed height to your face and add a forward augmentation of the chin. This would reduce the current skin laxity under the jaw. This could be further improved with neck liposuction which would restore the young acuity of the neck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Neck Lipo versus chin implant

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It is very difficult to provide you with an answer based on the given photo.  It is almost necessary to see your full nose to see the relationship between your nose/lips/and chin.  It is this relationship that dictates whenther you will need an implant or not. Nevertheless, you may benefit from both procedure.  Certainly, it would be easy to do both through an incision under your chin.

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