Neck Lift with Liposuction on Younger Men?

If you are younger and a male, do you have to let your hair grow longer on the sides near the ears to hide scars from neck lift with lipo? My mother was 63 and had to do so. I am 45, I heal very well, never bruise, and otherwise good shape. I need to lose about 20 lbs but I know that won't get rid of my double chins and will sag as I get older. Is it also better to get it when younger as your skin is more elastic and heals better? Is it something that I would need to have again?

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Loose the double chins

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You have good insight on some of the factors which contribute to your double chins. Liposuction of the fat, under the chin generally produces spectacular results if you are younger, male and close to ideal body weight. If you are heavier than you should be (consult the Body Mass Index charts on the Internet), you should try to loose some weight, because as the fatty component reduces, the overlying skin shrinks, slowly, producing a more defined chin-neck relationship.

The placement of scars for a necklift in men can be somewhat tricky. Assuming that you loose the extra 20lbs and are left with a lot of skin laxity, it's unlikely that liposuction alone will redrape the skin satisfactorily. There was an operation described in which the excess skin was cut off the front of the neck, in the shape of a "Z". I've seen a few older men, who had this procedure and the scars healed well, but it still looks like Zorro slashed them.

If you have a necklift, similar to your mother's, your surgeon should notify you that you may have to shave the bony area behind your ear, as the beard bearing skin is lifted and tucked behind it. I generally request all facelift patients to let their hair grow a little to camouflage a facelift or necklift, while they are healing. After the scars are "mature", you can restyle. Good luck.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Neck lift

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 A neck lift usually requires incision to run around the border of the ear. If you jsutneeded liposuction, you probably would barely have an incision.

Neck Lift or Liposuction

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At age 45, chances are that the obliquity in your neck has a variety of causes.  The most obvious factor is likely to be fat excess, but there may also be some degree of muscle laxity (platysma) and skin excess. If this is the case, a limited incision neck lift would be appropriate; isolated neck lifts become less appropriate with increasing degrees of skin laxity.  However, without photographs no truly accurate answer can be given

Cervicoplasty vs. liposuction for neck in younger patient.

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Obliquity in the neck can be multifactorial.  In younger patients, excess skin is often not a problem.  If fat resides in excess between the skin and the muscle, liposuction can be curative.  Laser liposuction might introduce some tightening of the skin but the science behind this is weak.  If the neck muscle is loose or there is significant fat deep to the platysma neck muscle, a cervicoplasty can be performed through a small chin incision.  The neck muscle is tightend and fat in excess both shallow and deep to the muscle can be removed.

Consider laser liposuction to avoid neck lift scars in males

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Without a picture, I cannot tell if laser lipo alone will correct your double chin. If however you have good skin tone, are young and primarily have too much fat causing your double chin then liposuction is possible all that you will need.

The new Slimlipo laser liposuction can tighten skin as well as remove fat from beneath the chin and has produced excellent results in properly selected patients in my practice.

If you have very lax skin you may need a surgical lift.

The benefit of the lipo technique is that only tiny punctures well hidden beneath the chin are all that is required.

Better to do neck lift at a younger age

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A neck lift with liposuction can be done at any age. It is best done on men less than 55 and women less than 50. It does not address any excess skin in the neck area. It is primarily done to remove fat in the neck and tighten the muscles in the neck. There are two one-half-inch incisions behind the ears and a three-quarter-inch incision in the submental area. It is better to have it done at a younger age because of the skin elasticity. Once the elasticity of the skin is no longer acceptable, a full face/neck lift has to be done with liposuction.

Male necklift with liposuction

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At 45, many men will benefit from liposuction of the neck without an actual neck lift. This spares you the additional recovery time, with minimal scars. While a neck lift can give a more significant improvement, liposuction alone in someone your age may be sufficient.

Combining the procedure with a modest chin implant can further improve the result if you are a candidate. As a general rule, one should consider the smallest procedure which will give the biggest result, with the least risk and the shortest recovery.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. But at 45, I think you likely have several options.

See an experienced facelift surgeon.

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He can tell you if a liposuction alone will be sufficient to solve the problem or will you need a facelift to remove the excess skin as well. The scars should not show. The advantage to doing this now is so you can enjoy it. In 10 years you may want a "tuck" to take up the slack of further aging.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction and MACS Lift in younger males to correct neck.

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First, you need to lose the 20 lbs. you say you are over your ideal weight. If you still have a significant amount of fat in the neck, then liposuction will need to be a major component of your correction. If you have no real excess skin transversely, then the liposuction may be all that you need. However, if you do have excess skin and muscle, I use liposuction and a MACS Lift to elevate and resolve the skin and muscle problem. In someone your age this can be done with an incision only in front of the ear that hides in a natural crease and is barely perceptible. A regular neck lift places a scar behind the ear that can, occasionally be quite problematic. The MACS Lift also elevates the cheek and removes any early jowl. It also puts the tissue back to where it came in the first place, not rotated backwards, behind the ear in an unnatural manner.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon


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Not as important as deformity and how much it bothers you.

If your double chin is due to fat and your skin quality is good, you can't predict totally how you will look after losing 20 lbs. A n indicatior may be photos of you when you were lighter.

Anyway face lift/neck lift operations are more challenging in men, but techniques are available to hide the scar and allow for hair to grow through it, so hair style changes are minimized. No guarantees can be made, but chances are good that you can achieve what you want.

If you are an appropriate candidate for the surgery, and you are motivated to have the surgery, your age is not that important.

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