Neck Fat Removal Plus Fat Chin Injection?

Hi there, I m a 31 years old french guy and I had a fat neck removal on last monday plus a fat transfert to my chin. My plastic Surgeon told me he got rid of 100CC fat from my double chin and reinject a part of it into my chin. I do not see any changes regarding my neck fat lipo I still have the same look plus the fat in my chin I had for 2 days after the operation seems to have disappeared. the only thing I have lost are 2500 eur and the confidence I had in my doc Is this normal?

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Neck liposuction and fat transfer

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Dear Ntx,

  • This is the normal course after neck liposuction, it will improve
  • Wear the band around the neck to keep the skin tightly against the muscle underneath
  • Before making a rash decisions, it is best to wait about 6 months

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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100 cc of Fat Removed from Neck

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  Given your history and your medication regimen, your skin may indeed carry different properties than what one would expect for a 31 yo.  At any rate, no one's skin will retract completely until about 3 months after surgery due to immense swelling and bruising that typically occurs due to liposuction of the neck.

Chin Liposuction

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Your results from your liposuction will not truly apparent for several months.  Wearing your garment is critical.  It is a bit unusual to have fat injected into the chin area.  Typically an implant or movement of your own bone gives longer standing enhancement.

Dr. ES


Neck fat lipo with fat transfer

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Hang in there.

You still have a lot of swelling and even bruising.  It is very hard to tell anything at this point.  Final result will take up to a year.


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