Neck Banding - Non Surgical Options? (photo)

I had lipo and a mini neck lift... now I see this banding that was not there before. Dr. said with a full neck lift these are addressed... who knew? : ( I don't want to go under the knife again + I spent my budget on the last procedure. I read that botox is an option but is just temporary. I read that neck exercise will help to tone your neck. Will exercise eventually help or hurt this? Docs.... please be honest. Any other non surgical options?

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Liposuction of the neck

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Not knowing exactly what was done or what you looked like before surgery it is not possible to say how or why this happened. I suspect it was either there before but not visible because it was covered by fat and/or you developed scar tissue after surgery that fixed the edges of the muscles to the under surface of the skin. The only way to address this unfortunately is more surgery. I do not know of any exercise that will get rid of neck muscle banding and I doubt botox will correct the situation.

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Neck lift issue?

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I am not sure what type of neck lift. Was there a  midline submental incision?  It looks like you have platysma bands that need to be treated. Botox is only a temporary treatment.

Neck bands after liposuction

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With poor skin tone or laxity, banding can occur after liposuction of the neck as the muscle becomes more visible. Botox, may or may not, help improve the bands, however this is the only nonsurgical solution.

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