What is the Dent/ridge Post Revision Rhinoplasty Near my Tip? (photo)

I’m 4wks post open revision:minor cephalic trim+sutures to narrow/elev tip and hump red.1st rhino 2yr ago was just cephalic trim.Day7 I’ve noticed a ridge on the R side of my tip which is more apparent now.I know it’s too early to draw any conclusions,but: Besides localised swelling,what are the causes?Could the ridge be cartilage?If so,its orientation(pic) is opposite to what I’ve seen(No cart was removed at that specific place,only at tip and L side) Can I expect it to disappear at some point?

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Dent and ridge in tip along sidewall

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This dent or ridge as you put it can be due to swelling at one month. If after 6-12 months it persists, probably a small amount of filler may help to fill it out.

What is the Dent/Ridge Post Revision Rhinoplasty Near my Tip?

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         In revision cases, swelling can last for longer than a year.  At one month, tip concerns are very difficult to evaluate based upon these considerations.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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