16 yo implants replaced. Is this indentation caused by my pec muscle? Will it go away? (Photo)

My 16 yo 455cc saline unders were replaced with 650cc silicone unders, 14 days po with no pocket work. I had this indentation before my remove/replace but it was only noticeable when I flexed my pec muscle, now it's there all the time and is much more prominent in person. I asked my surgeon about this prior to surgery, he said it's part of me and that's it. So my question is, what causes this? Is there a fix? Will it be less noticeable as my skin stretches to accommodate the new larger implants?

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Breast Implant Dent

Hello,Contrary to your statement, your surgeon had to 'work' on your pocket (release capsule) to fit in these larger implants. Unfortunately, your pockets were (probably) not adequately assessed nor properly 'worked on'.  In his defense, these implants are way too big for your frame, and the things that needed to be done to create a smooth inframammary and medial breast line would only hasten the inevitable in  you: severe rippling. Your dented breast is due to an inadequate release of pectoralis muscle in the lower pocket, combined with excessive release in upper pocket, possibly crossing the midline. To a lesser extent, there is inadequate release of the lower pocket on the other side too. This will not get better with time. The implants will settle much farther, possibly diminishing the upper pocket over dissection, but the lower pocket will remain flat. Best of luck!

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Breast contour deformity after implant exchange

Thanks for your question-- but I am sorry that you are having these concerns after your surgery! The area on the left medial breast that you are concerned about does seem to be present preoperatively, particularly in the dynamic (muscle contraction) phase.  This looks like it is due to the attachment of the pectoralis muscle along your sternum, and so your doctor is right that "it is part of you".  The muscle will stretch over time and this will be less noticeable.  The shape of the attachment of the muscle won't change, so I still think you will see this, particularly when the muscle is flexed.  As the implants settle the deformity should be much less noticeable.  If you are still unhappy with the contour in 3-6 months, your surgeon can partially release this area of the muscle which can make this less noticeable.  Talk to him regarding the risks and benefits of this if you are considering this.  Best wishes,--Erik Hoy, MD

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