Lip implants or fillers for my lips?

I know that fillers are temporary, but I'm worried about an implant making scarring or puckering or not looking natural. Can you give me any advice?

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Be sure to see before and afters.

The problem with lips is that you know, right now, *exactly* what they should look like. If the implant doesn't augment evenly across the lip, or if the skin bunches even a little bit, you'll notice it right away and it'll be irritating. See before and afters. If the doctor has the skill to get a safe implant in position well, it can be a reasonable option.

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Fillers create more scar than an implant

I know that it may sound a bit counterintuitive but lip injections create much more scarring then a lip implant does. The lip implant is silicone and so it is non-reactive. Although the artificial fillers are minimally reactive, they do create some scar in the lip.  Lip injections also need to be repeated about every three or four months. The lip implant is permanent so there is much less trama. 

Robert S. Houser, DO
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