I'm currently 19, Is it safe to get saline implants? Or should I wait?

I've been thinking on getting a breast augmentation for a while, I am currently a 34a I don't want go to big at least a Full C cup. I was think of saline implants. But I don't know if there would be any concerns regarding my age.

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Breast Augmentation With Silicone Implants in Women Less Than 22 Years Old

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The FDA recommends that a woman be 18 years of age for saline implants and 22 years of age for silicone implants placed for cosmetic augmentation. The FDA considers the cosmetic use of silicone implants in a woman younger than 22 years to be an off-label use of the product. The surgeon and a woman less than 22 years old can still agree to use silicone implants as long as a waiver is signed. 

Timing of breast augmentation surgery ultimately a very personal decision…

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Thank you for the question.
In my opinion, there is no good reason why there is an FDA mandated age of 22 for patients to receive silicone breast implants. There are many patients under the age of 22 who would ( based on their body type and the advantages of silicone breast implants) benefit from the use of silicone gel breast implants. Therefore, I find that I DO use silicone gel breast implants for patients under the age of 22 frequently.  

Much of the final look and feel achieved after breast augmentation surgery depends on several factors:
1. The initial shape, size (volume of breast tissue), symmetry of the patient's breasts. In general, the better the preoperative breast appearance the more likely the breast augmentation “look” will be optimal.

2. The experience/skill level of the surgeon is important in determining the final outcome. For example, the accurate and gentle dissection of the breast implant pockets are critical in producing long-term well-placed breast implants. I personally think that these 2 factors are more important than any others, including type (saline or silicone) or model (low/moderate/high profile) of implant.

3. The type of implant used may determine the final outcome, especially if the patient does not have significant covering breast or adipose tissue. For example, some surgeons feel that silicone implants have a more natural look and feel than saline implants because silicone gel has a texture that is similar to breast tissue. In other words, if a patient has very low body fat and/or very little breast tissue, the silicone gel implants may provide a more "natural" result.

4. The size and model of breast implant used may make a significant difference in the final outcome. Therefore, it is very important to communicate your size goals with your surgeon. In my practice, the use of photographs of “goal” pictures (and breasts that are too big or too small) is very helpful. I have found that the use of words such as “natural” or “C or D cup” etc can be potentially confusing as they may mean different things to different people.
Also, as you know, cup size varies depending on who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup size may also be inaccurate.

Ultimately, whether you choose to proceed with breast augmentation surgery will be a very personal decision that should be made only after careful consideration of pros/cons/risks/complications associated with the procedure.  I hope this, and the attached link (dedicated to breast augmentation concerns), helps. Best wishes.

I'm currently 19, Is it safe to get saline implants?

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If you are healthy and an examination indicates your anatomy is such that a breast augmentation would be appropriate, then it is perfectly safe for you to have breast implants whether saline or silicone. But since you are under 22 the use of silicone would be considered off label and your surgeon would need to determine it is a better choice for you than saline.

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#salineimplants vs #gelimplants and concerns for age

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Your question likely stems from an FDA approval for use of gel implants for people over the age of 22. A gel implant can be placed if you sign a waiver. This requirement was established because the FDA did not evaluate patients under 22 years of age.  I suggest you see a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss the pros/cons of saline vs gel and the outcome you desire. It is very common to place gel implants in patients under 22- you just need to sign a waiver stating you realize they are being used off label.

Breast implants at 19

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Thank you for your question. You can have breast implants and they are safe. Please consult with a board certified PS for evaluation.

Candidate for Breast Implants

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A variety of factors may indicate that you are a good candidate for #breastaugmentation. Some of these feelings and/or conditions include: ·       Concerns and self esteem issues related to breast size ·       Loss of volume and firmness after pregnancy or weight loss ·       Clothing does not fit well ·       Asymmetry in breast shape and size ·       Problems with the shape of your rib cage: sunken or over-projecting A positive impression of one’s body image is important to many women, and breast augmentation may aid in offering a more proportional breast size and shape as well as in improving self-confidence. All you need to do is seek out a local board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation regarding your desired procedure. Good luck!

Implants at 19

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FDA has approved Silicone implants for augmentation on patients over 22 years of age.  Saline is approved over the age of 18.   Be sure to make an appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  He/She would be able to discuss options with you and allow you explore both types of implants and decide whats best for you.  Best of luck!


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Saline and silicone gel filled breast implants are safe for the use of breast augmentation surgery.  The FDA has restrictions but either breast implants can be used at any reasonable age.  You have to understand that the use would be off label.Best Wishes,Nana Mizuguchi, MD

Breast Augmentation

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Saline Breast implants are approved for use in anyone 18 years of age or older, so safety is not a concern.  The decision to undergo a breast augmentation is a personal decision that only you can make.  You should start with a consultation to completely understand the procedure including it's risks.

Barry M. Schwartz, MD
Weston Plastic Surgeon

I'm currently 19, Is it safe to get saline implants? Or should I wait?

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Whether it is safe and whether you should wait are two different issues. It is definitely safe to undergo the procedure, but whether you should get an augmentation is a personal question that only you can answer. Get a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon near you to discuss the risks and benefits and then make your decision based on all the information. Hope that helps! 

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