Nd:YAG or SINON Ruby Laser to Remove Eyebrow Tattoo?

Hi! Should I choose Nd:YAG or SINON ruby laser to remove my plain brown permanent makeup eyebrows? I haven't had sun exposure on my skin so it is pale. Nd:YAG has worked well (two treatments done), but I was thinking if the SINON ruby laser would work better. And how about R20 method: is it worth trying? Is it really true that two passes are as effective as four passes?

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Eyebrow tattoos

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Treating eyebrow tattoos require specialized experience and techniques. Both the Nd;YAG and Sinon ruby lasers are q-switched which can lead to darkening of some brown pigments( not likely to happen with regular decorative tattoos)  to the point where they turn black. If that hasnt happened to you, the  Nd:YAG would likely be a better choice as it has a smaller beam which is helpful in treating smaller areas like eyebrows. Another option is the PicoSure laser which works faster than the Nd:YAG and ruby lasers.  Multiple treatments in one session as performed with the R20 method can be helpful in obtaining a faster response.

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