What type of rhinoplasty procedure should I get? Bulbous tip with extra cartilage and a big bony bump and slope! (photos)

My nose is way too big for my face. It has a drooping tip. The cartilage is way too much and it is bulbous. My nose is also bumpy on the ridge and crooked a little to the left. I already went to a consultation and he asked what I wanted but I was not sure. Honestly I just want a smaller nose! Anything is better than what's on it. Anyone have any pictures or ideas? He said he'd shave the bridge down and lift up tip and get excess cartilage out or something like that. What do I tell him I want?!

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You have a good grasp on how you would like to change your nose. I believe the changes that you request are realistic. Find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and get a consultation. If you trust the doctor let them decide how to achieve your stated goals.

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