Nostril incision after weirs excision looks detached.

I had weirs excision 5 days ago. My right incision (on the inside where it was reattached) is not fully adhered. My left nostril is fine. My right nostril though, looks different. It needed slightly more work than my left. When I flare my nostrils I can see a line of separation & it isn't attached. I'll note that on the trouble side, my sutures are underneath versus on top & are not visible. I go back for stitch removal on Thursday, but I'm very worried if it isn't attached now, it may never be.

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Too early to tell

it is too early to tell what is your results will be since your only 5 days out from your surgery.  It is best also to speak to your doctor about your concern.

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Weir Rhinoplasty Incisions

I recommend contacting your surgeon to have him/her take a look at the incision.  The wound may be coming apart and/or a suture may have broken.  Also, do not put excess tension on any surgical wound.  That is a great way to end up with an unsightly and widened scar.

Best of luck.

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Call your doctor

I find the Weir resection incision can take much longer to heal than the other rhinoplasty incisions.  Stop flaring your nostrils.  This will put too much tension on your incisions.  It would be best to call your surgeon and get in for a quick look to make sure everything is ok.  Even if there is some separation, it should heal fine.  Best of luck to you.

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