Have maintained a 140lb weight loss for 30yrs, w/ BMI of 34. Is a TT or LBL possible? Further diet attempts unsuccessful (Photo)

I had Biliopancreatic bypass surgery 31 years ago, losing from 363lbs to 223lbs. For 28 years my weight stayed around 235lbs. For the past 3 years I have maintained 223-227lbs. I am an avid equestrian, generally horseback riding 2-5x a week. Career and finances prevented any cosmetic surgery previously, but now am interested in a tummy tuck or lower body lift and breast lift/reduction. I'm tired of the repeated raw, weeping skin and the discomfort of the excess skin flopping when I ride.

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Ready for post massive weight loss body contouring

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Hello and thank you for your question. Congratulations on your weight loss. Obviously ideally we would like to see you lose 20 to 30 pounds more. You still could undergo surgery now understanding that your risks for complications are higher than they would be at a lower weight.

I would suggest a lower body lift as this will improve your buttocks  and outer thighs. 

In my hands a lower body lift consists of. 

1. A full tummy tuck.

2. A mons lift. 

3. A strong lateral thigh lift. 

4. A buttock lift. 

5. Auto augmentation of the buttocks and hips. The hip flap is designed to help increase or maintain your hip / waist ratio. 

Breasts could be done at the same setting.

All depends on if your general health is good. 

Peter Fisher M.D 

Go for it!

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What I ask of patients before surgery is that you be at a low, stable, realistic weight -- don't ask me to try and hit a moving target! You've had success with weight loss.  Your current weight might increase the risk of some complications, but minimally so.  It is important to find a surgeon who is well versed at doing surgery on people after bypass surgery -- there are some tricks to it.  A tummy tuck and breast lift would be great for you.  Good luck!

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