Hurt and Unhappy- Need to Talk with a Doctor About Muscle That Was Took Out, After Breast Implant?

breast implate 3x now! one with down got another implant done 12/11 was to high and nipples where pointing to floor doctor said to much muscle, 3x cut muscle out and now my breast are ripping and hurt all the time and still don't look right really hangin down i'm 51 just got the muscle cut out in july of last year and didn't have any boobs before and the one that was good he took out i'm hurting all the time and you can feel the ripples sooooo much

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Pectoralis muscle is not removed with revisional breast implant surgery.

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I'm not sure you are stating accurately the specifics of your operation. Pectoralis muscle is not removed with revisional surgery. I would check with your surgeon to see precisely what was done.

Concerns after Multiple Breast Operations?

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Given your surgical history, despite good intentions, online consultants will not be of meaningful help to you. I would suggest that you seek second opinion consultations with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in your area. Ask to see lots of examples of their work and communicate your goals in a calm/constructive fashion.

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