What should I do to heal a bruise after Restylane injections?

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Bruises after Restylane

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Bruises are not uncommon after injections and can be treated in the first 24-48 hours with cold compresses and then warm compresses thereafter. Also you can take arnica and apply vitamin K cream

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What to do about a bruise following Restylane injections

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Thank you for asking your question. Cold compresses, oral Arnica and topical arnica might be beneficial. Good luck,

Bruising after filler

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Bruising is a relatively common complication of filler depending on the areas injected and patient characteristics.  Prevention of bruising can be accomplished by avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol, vitamin E, and fish oil 4-5 days prior to injections.  After injections, cold compresses should be used to minimize swelling and bruising.  Once bruising has occurred, it may take several days to resolve without treatment.  Small bruises will resolve quickly.  To expedite bruise resolution arnica montana (subligual tabs or gels) may sometimes help.  For more obvious bruises and experienced laser surgeon may be able to treat the bruise with a vascular laser and speed the resolution.

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