Should I be concerned about this new area of redness in my incision? (photos)

Im a little over five weeks out from having a tummy tuck. A week ago I developed a red area in the middle of my incision. I assumed it was just irritation since I'd recently begun laying on my side. Last night it started looking brighter and today it is looking a little worse. My surgeon is on vacation. Should I page him? Does it look like it is becoming infected? it is not hot to the touch. The last pic shows 2 other places that stitches may be coming through. (Photos loaded upside down)

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Red area

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Spreading redness is a sign of infection.  Other common signs are warmth, tenderness, drainage and fevers.  If you are having these, you need to see a doctor.  As for the other spots, spitting sutures are not uncommon after this procedure.

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