Over age 50 and 9 weeks post op of breast reduction - and still cannot raise arm above head

Should the areas (under breast) of the t cut incision feel like it is very tight and if I rise my arms above my head feels like the incisions will pop open? If I touch the incision under breast it feels prickly like a needle and it hurt to touch. Is this normal for week 9 healing?

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Healing after breast reduction

9 weeks out from a breast reduction you should basically be back to normal or near normal activities. It sounds like this is not exactly the case for you right now, so I would recommend you go back and see your plastic surgeon and bring this up. I have very rarely (but it happens sometimes), sent a patient post operatively from a breast reduction to see a physical therapist. Sometimes if you have pre-existing shoulder or arm problems these issues can be exacerbated after a period of inactivity, such as that required for healing from a breast reduction. 

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