I understand there is a new implant on the market called Ideal. Is this correct?

Ideal implants are to be the best of both worlds - looking natural, softer and safe. Who is using them and what are your thoughts.

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Ideal Implants - another choice for women

Thanks for your questions.  I have been using the Ideal Implants for the past year, and my patients and I have been very happy with the outcomes to date.  The Ideal Implant is a FDA approved implant that differs from a traditional saline implant in that it has multiple chambers and a baffling system, resulting in an implant that feels more natural than a traditional saline implant, approaching the softer natural feel of a silicone implant.  

The additional advantage of the Ideal Implant is that it provides peace of mind to women regarding the integrity status of the implant.  If the Ideal Implant ruptures, it will be detectable to the patient as a breast deflation, and the saline solution will be harmlessly absorbed by the body.  If a silicone implant were to rupture, the rupture is silent and MRIs are required to make a definitive diagnosis.

In women younger than 22, the FDA limits the use of silicone implants, so traditional saline implants were the only options.  The Ideal Implant is an excellent alternative in these patients, expanding the availability of safe options.

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Ideal Implant

Thank you for your question.  Yes, Ideal Implant is the latest FDA approved breast implant that's available.  It feels more natural than the old saline "water balloon" implants but gives you the reassurance that it's filled with saline in case of a rupture.  My patients who have used them have been very satisfied.  The implants are available only to a national network of board certified plastic surgeons who you can find through the Ideal Implant website.

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
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Ideal Breast Implants

Ideal structured saline implants are the newest to market and many of us have been using these implants for some time.  Because they are filled with saline, they don't require MRI studies to see if they remain intact as silicone implants do.  The internal structure of the implants creates more resistance to the flow of saline from one side of the implant to the other- this gives the more natural feel and prevents significant rippling of the implant that we see with the older,  non-structured saline implants.

Ideal implants tend to be narrower and higher projection than some other implants, and so they are not for everyone.  Patients who are wanting a low maintenance breast implant that have narrow chest walls or are hoping for a significant projection/fullness from their augmentation are the best candidates for this new breast implant.

I hope this information helps!

Adam David Lowenstein, MD, FACS
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I understand there is a new implant on the market called Ideal. Is this correct?

Thank you for your question, which pretty much summarizes the benefits of the IDEAL structured implant. The FDA cleared IDEAL implant is natural looking and contains chambers that are filled with saline.  If they rupture, they typically would not rupture completely as a saline implant would, and they  do not contain silicone gel, which can be a concern to many women who do not want silicone gel leaking into their body without their knowledge.  They eliminate the need for regular MRI's which are suggested with silicone gel implants. I have been offering  the implants for just over a year and women have been very happy with the results.  There are a limited number of board certified plastic surgeons who have been offered the implants at this time, which can be found on the company website. I would assume that more plastic surgeons will be trained to use the implants over time.  I hope this helps. 

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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Ideal implants

I have been using IDEAL implants in my practice for over a year.  They have the benefits of saline--easier to detect leak, remove and replace. They may not be quite as soft as silicone, but in my opinion they do fell like a firmer, more youthful breast.  They are great in patients who have asymmetric breasts.  I am a fan. Good luck. Jane.

Jane M. Rowley, MD
Lubbock Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation with Ideal Implant

ideal implant is the new saline implant.  I've been using it since it came out about a year ago.  It has the advantages of a saline implant but feels better than the original saline.

Daryl K. Hoffman, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Ideal Implant

Yes. I have been using the Ideal Implant since November and am very pleased with the results, as are the patients. It is a Structured Saline implant which has a new unique design very different than current saline and gel implants. There separate compartments which control the movement of the saline and make it feel like gel implants. However, there is not any gel so a woman does not need to worry about exposure to gel if/when the implant breaks. And, does not need to get MRIs to determine if there is any leaks. Check out their website.

Ronald Schuster, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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