Can Naturalfil Be Used on Breasts Post Many Implant Replacements?

I have had nine implants over the years due to incapsulation. I am not badly incapsulated and uncomfortable. My physician says she can remove the implants she put in but I will look awful since subqutaneous tissue and scar tissue was removed with each change leaving me nothing without implants. I have the usual big old age stomach with lots of fat that can be used and processed but will this last? How often if ever will it have to be redone?.....A breast implant horror

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Capsular contracture

After 9 surgeries for breast implatnt capsular contracture it is time to do something different.

replacing the implant to sub-muscular, use of acellular matrix, may help.

If you want fat transfer and understand its limitations and the techinique used, it could be an option.However the implants has to be removed first then let the wounds and breast completely heal then start a series of fat transfers. Only if you are a candidate.

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Breast implants can be replaced with fat by Lipotransfer

The process of replacing breast implants with fat is gradual and not a single step, unless the implants are very small.

The fat is transferred in the remaining breast tissue, under the skin, and within the pec muscle to increase the volume of the tissue filling the breast skin envelope.  I have successfully replaced implants that were over 400cc in volume by decreasing implant size with each of two fat transfers.

Fat transfer is a procedure that can give excellent long term outcomes if performed appropriately and within a clear plan of breast revision.

Mario Diana, MD
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