Is a "Natural" Sloping Look Possible with Slight Ptosis and a Large Implant, Without Lift?

I am 34b, pseudotosis on L breast. I want slope with fullness but no roundness in the upper pole, slightly "bottom-heavy", full D. Met with 2 surgeons. 1 said I don't need a lift and the look I want is do-able, as the amount of skin I have "makes his job easy". 2 said I need a lift to avoid lowering the fold, risking a "double bubble",and without a lift, I would get upper-pole roundness and nipples pointing down. That's the opposite of what I want. Sorry no pics available Thanks in advance!

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Breast implant results - can you get what you want??

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First of all, implants will NOT lift the breast so if the nipples are low, they will stay that way and will be on the low side of the implant without a lift.  Also, implants of any significant size and any profile higher than moderate WILL give you an unnaturally full, round upper pole (moderate plus and HP will do this as they are meant to do this).  So, you have to decide what you want because from your verbal description and no photos, you are not going to get it all.  You will need to make some compromises here in terms of lift with higher nipples, or no lift with more matronly looking breasts; D sized breasts with less natural upper poles or smaller breasts with a more natural look.  You can't necessarily "have it all."

Lift with implants to get natural sloping profile

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It's impossible for any plastic surgeon to answer your question without an in the flesh exam. But if you have a normal amount of skin beneath the areola, then it would be very easy to give you what you want with saline implants on top the muscle. They just have to have the volume adjusted very precisely with you in the upright position at surgery to fill out the middle & lower breast without over-filling the upper pole. Total cost at my practice would be $4400.     Dr Foster

Lawrence Foster, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants and sagging

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The situation you describe is fairly common. If doing a breast augmentation with pseudoptosis, one must always consider what size implants are to be used, as well as the condition of the soft tissues (breast gland tissue and skin, and nipple and areola), and whether a lift will be needed to achieve optimal outcome. The "natural slope" you desire may only come about if the nipple and areola are placed in their appropriate position - which may, of course, require the lift. Without pictures, and especially without a physical exam, it is impossible to tell. If, though, you went to Board-certified plastic surgeons, I would pick one and follow their directions. You have your best interest in mind. Hope this helps.

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