Can a Natural Post Decay with a Porcelain Crown on It if It Was Seal Properly?

I cracked a tooth four years ago & had the tooth shaved down to its natural post & a porcelain crown put on it. At the time there was no signs of decay & the post was in good health Just recently the crown came off I went back to the dentist he did a exray & determined the post had rotted &I now need a root canal Is it possible for a healthy natural post to rot like that in 4 years? Seems like the crown would've been a barrier to protect that since the crown itself can't decay

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Posts can decay around the tooth

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Although a crown helps protect the tooth it by no means guarantees that no decay will occur. As long as there is tooth structure exposed above or below the gum, decay is possible.

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Quick decay

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It is possible for decay to happen that quickly. It is important for you to know if you have a tendency to have decay occur more than the norm. You should check your diet for risk factors and also there are some solutions you can use to fight decay. It would be a good idea to examine the full picture with your dentist. Good Luck ! Bernice Szafarek DMD

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Decay under crown

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Where the crown ends the tooth begins.  Decay is most likely to form at that junction.  Sometimes there is decay  that is not visible in post space.  It is more important to practice good dental hygiene on a tooth with a crown.

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