Is a Natural Looking Nose Possible with Rhinoplasty?

I'm looking to get Rhinoplasty to fix issues with my nose. I do not want to look like a different person after. Is it standard for doctors to show me a concept of my new nose and what are the estimated costs? Can a change be done without looking too drastic?

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Thanks for your question! Rhinoplasty procedures comprise a large portion of my practice, and my goal is always to provide patients with the most natural result possible. Rhinoplasty consultations differ from doctor to doctor, but I include 3-D vectra imaging for all of my in person appointments. I advise patients to think of this imaging as a communication tool to help us both visualize potential outcomes as opposed to an exact photo of their surgical result. Since you are especially interested in getting a natural looking result, I recommend looking at physicians before and after photos to make sure that their technique falls in line with your overall goals. 

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Natural Rhinoplasty Results

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A natural rhinoplasty result is certainly possible. Ultimately, a natural result is one that keeps the absolute proportions within average values and the relative proportions between different areas of the nose balanced. That + symmetry = great result.

Richard W. Westreich, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Natural looking nose with rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your popular inquiry!

As a short and simple answer: YES it is very much possible to obtain a natural looking results after a rhinoplasty. But as you already know, rhinoplasties are not "simple" surgeries and the nose is the center of the face hence any changes will have to be well executed to ensure the best cosmetic results complementing the patient's facial features.

Based on the picture you provided, it seems that you are a good candidate for a corrective rhinoplasty.
However, without a physical examination it is not possible to provide you with specific details. I highly recommend that you schedule a consultation with a well-experienced surgeon.

It is important to mention that the finest cosmetic results in any particular case are based on a variety of factors, including: the unique anatomy of the patient, realistic expectations, a well-informed and detailed discussion with your plastic surgeon concerning the best options for you especially covering a deep understanding of the pros and cons of any given choice you will adopt.

Please keep in mind that following the advice from a surgeon online who offers to tell you what to do without a physical examination covering the nature and the status of the tissue, assessing your desired outcome, taking a full medical history, and discussing the pros and cons of each operative solution would not be in your best interest. With that in mind, it is the safest and for your best interest to find a plastic surgeon with solid experience and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who is ideally a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that you will trust and be comfortable with. You should discuss your concerns with that surgeon in person.

Good luck!!!

Ali Sajjadian, MD FACS

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Natural Rhinoplasty Possible, But Find a Rhinoplasty Specialist

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It is possible for rhinoplasty results to appear natural as long as the nose is proportioanl and in balance with the other facial features. The best nose job is one in which other people cant tell that surgery has been performed. While many "cosmetic surgeons" occasionally perform rhinoplasty, the single most important factor for obtaining natural results is to choose an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Find either a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty.

To get a better understanding of what your nose would look like after surgery, your prospective rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to show you before and after computer simulations. Many rhinoplasty surgeons use computer imaging, and recently 3D rhinoplasty imaging has become available (see link below). It is important to realize that the imaging is used to set goals for surgery and not to imply or guarantee results.

C. Spencer Cochran, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A natural look after rhinoplasty is possible

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Yes, it is possible to perform a rhinoplasty and still have a natural look. You will not look like a different person. It is very common to do computer imaging to show what the concept would be of a new nose. Estimated cost for a rhinoplasty is approximately $5,800 to $6,000. The changes that can be made can be made less dramatic.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, but you must choose wisely!

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 Look at the doctor's before and after photos. Make sure that he likes AND DELIVERS natural looking noses. Seek out an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who makes you a nose that YOU are happy with, not him!

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Natural results possible with Rhinoplasty

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Good rhinoplasty surgeons have the skills, knowledge and experience to know how to operate on a given nose without making it look "fake." This is what a good surgeon strives to achieve.

Your surgeon should be able to address all of your concerns. They should be able to show you before and after pictures of their results. You should like their results and feel comfortable about their recommendations.

Most surgeons, including myself, have computer imaging programs that can give you a fairly good idea of what your nose will look like. Just remember that a computer can't predict how you heal so those imaging pictures can't be taken as a guarantee of your results.

A natural result is what all surgeons should be creating. Make sure your surgeon demonstrates to you their ability to accomplish this.

John Diaz, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Natural Appearing Noses Can Routinely Be Achieved

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Your nose can and should look very natural after a rhinoplasty. Of course the key is to select an experienced surgeon who is an expert in doing Rhinoplasties. Be sure and see if you like the pictures shown both in the offce and on the website. Then make sure that you get a feel for the goals of the surgeon at the time of the consult!

S. Randolph Waldman, MD
Lexington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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