Natural Looking Dental Bridge For My Situation?

I recently lost my four front teeth in a fall. I have been researching different options to replace my teeth and I think getting a dental bridge with prosthetic gingival would be my best choice. I have had problems with gum disease and I feel like this would be the best long term esthetic option. Can a dentist use a mold I had made a year ago at the orthodontist to create a bridge for me that will look like my natural teeth? What else can be done to create teeth that look my natural teeth?

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Natural looking bridge for 4 front teeth

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It sounds from your description that you have a lot of different issues in your mouth.  I would take care of the periodontal disease prior to deciding on how to proceed with replacing your missing teeth.  To answer your question you cannot use a mold taken by the orthodontist. 

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Natural Looking Dental Bridge for 4 Front Teeth

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First of all, you mentioned that you have periodontal disease. You should have that problem totally resolved BEFORE placing a bridge on the adjacent supporting teeth.

The mold from your orthodontist can be used as a guide to the shape of your original teeth, but a bridge CANNOT be made from that mold.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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