How is Natural Breast Lifts and Augmentation Done?

I recently saw a video on Web MD informing there is a new technique out for a natural Breast lift/augmentation, which is essentially a two for one deal.

You get a Liposuction and then that fat is transferred to your breast. You also have to go thru several weeks of wearing some special air cup at night that increases the area of the breast for when the fat is injected.

Does anyone know about this procedure or has anyone tried this before? Thanks for your responses

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New Breast Enchancement Technique

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What you are referring to is the Brava system. It is a lot to go through, but in most cases the enlargement is about 1-1/12 cup size. Now injecting the fat is another issue. With the prominence of breast cancer in our society, it is a bit risky to inject fat into the breast area. The problem becomes in breast cancer screening. Some of the injected fat may die or become necrotic and then have calcifications which may mislead your physicians in the future.

In my mind, not worth the risk and what you have to go thru for the results obtained.

Good luck.

Breast lift with your own tissue

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It is possible to perform a breast lift using your own tissue. This is also known as an auto augmentation. In this technique, a portion of the lower part of your breast is brought into the upper pole and used to fill this area. This will help create fullness in the top portion of your breast. This is a delicate procedure as this lower portion of your breast must remain with excellent blood supply for a successful result. For this reason, be sure that your visiting with a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience in this technique.

Fat graft breast augmentation in a clear description with unclear results

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As plastic experienced surgeons, we are wary of "brand-name" procedures. Straightforward descriptions are best. The procedure you mention uses a combination of fat graft to the breast and a vacuum breast enlargement device (Brava). I wouldn't refer to this procedure or another as "natural."

Fat graft is successfully used in other areas of the body, but can confuse mammogram detection of breast cancer. Careful, multi-year research will be needed to verify that the procedure is safe and effective. Surgeons await such research. Until it is published and evaluated I would advise against having this for cosmetic purposes.

The results so far demonstrated for vacuum breast enlargement show about 1/2 cup size stable result. Fat graft has the potential to increase 1/2 to 1 cup size, if it can be shown to be safe. Neither procedure would provide a breast lift (mastopexy) for sagging breasts.

The FDA regulates medical devices, but not surgical procedures. Plastic surgeons will have independent opinions about proposed new procedures. Early adopters help establish or refute claims among professionals. I would wait and see.

Sutton Graham II, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Breast augmentation with fat.

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We don't do breast augmentation with fat injections.

1) The national plastic surgery societies consider this experimental.

2) Fat injections may make it harder to diagnose breast cancer.

3) Serious complications have been reported.

4) You can only make the breasts a little larger.

5) You certainly don't get a lift this way.

6) With meticulous technique, you can get a natural result doing a breast lift and breast implants together.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Natural breast augmentation with fat injection poses lifetime risks

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Fat injections within the breast have demonstrated a sustained increase in approximately one cup size in very small breasted individuals, say an A to a B cup. The results are at best 'subtle' by today's standards and are unlikely to please most. We do not anticipate fat grafting to replace breast implants in augmentation. The technique is not 'new' and fat was used in attempted augmentation of the breast before implants existed. Now the downside: fat grafting is considered experimental and likely to cause lumps and calcifications within the breast. A mammogram will be less able to diagnose a breast lump or breast cancer. As breast cancer now affects one out six or seven women in the US, this is a huge chance to take for such a modest result.

Finally, let me comment on the air cup to expand and enlarge the breast. The Brava system is currently available, is safe, and may be effective in enlarging a small breast one cup size. It relies on suction applied to the whole breast and you should be able to find it on the web. The idea again is not 'new' as suction devices of varying materials have been marketed since the late 1800's to enlarge the breast.

With the rapid exchange of information today, 'new' is very hard to come by. Tried and true may be a better pursuit.

Best of luck,


Fat injections and the Brava system for augmentation

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Fat injections to the breast for cosmetic improvement is slowly taking hold in the plastic surgery world. Although, there is still alot of research that has to be done before most surgeons will add this procedure to their armamentarium. The Brava system is a device that was developed for breast enhancement. Patients had to wear this suction cup like device for several hours a night only to get about a 100-150 cc improvement in cup size. Bear in mind most breast augmentations are at least 300 cc per breast. Now some surgeons are combining the Brava system with fat injection. The outcome studies are still not completely done.

Fat injections for breast enlargement

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This is one of the hottest topics today, though the idea of using fat transfers for breast enlargement has been around for a long time. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons formally condemned the procedure about 20 years ago, due to numerous issues including difficulty in breast cancer detection and unpredictability of the results. However, newer studies using the Brava system, and large and cumbersome suction cup device, suggest that fat transfer results might be more reliable. In fact, the ASPS has recently softened their official position and clinical studies are being done. I think the consensus is that it isn't quite ready for prime time just yet however.

I do not believe that this is a good idea

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If you need a lift and an augmentation, have that done together. Injections of fat in the breast is a poor idea - it can mask breast cancer detection and can leave you with calcifications in your breasts that look like cancer. Stick to the old fashion tried and true augmention with a mastopexy. It works and is safe.

Do not have fat injected into the breast for augmentation

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While we see new techniques being developed for augmentation all the time, stay away from fat injections. The procedure is relatively safe and easy to do, but the long term aspects are still under question. The only way to evaluate the breast for cancer remains a mammogram. Fat injections into the breast can mask or even imitate a cancer. You may have a delay in diagnosis or an unnecessary biopsy.

the second system you asked about is the BRAVA breast enlargement system. It is basically a suction device, similar to a firm breast pump. You need to wear it all the time for weeks and then at night for a long time after to maintain the results. Do you really think you want to wear hard plastic cups on your breasts and carry around a portable suction. What happens if it comes loose at a restaurant or business meeting.

Stick with a regular augmentation and a qualified Plastic Surgeon.

Natural breast lift/augmentation

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Using your own fat to augment and lift your breasts is possible and being done, but this is still in clinical trials and as of yet, not considered to be the standard of care. The main concern is breast cancer screening. By injecting fat into your breast, you may confuse a radiologist who is trying to read a mammogram somewhere down the road. There is still research being done on this topic and it is being done, but mostly in well-controlled studies.

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