Natrelle Silicone Implants Rippling After 3 Months. Doc Suddenly Retired. What to Do?

I had my 1st BA 8 years ago using saline implants. I decided to have a 2nd BA on Feb 28th due to rippling, note that the rippling was only visible on the sides of my breasts and only when I was bent over or laying down. This time we decided on Natrelle silicone implants. Style 45. I'm 31, 5'6 and 114lbs. I got 460cc's in both my right and left. They are now rippling even worse, including cleavage area. Also dips under my right nipple while laying down. He suddenly retired last month. Help!

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Rippling with larger implants

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Ripping is often from having thin tissues. Sometimes fat grafting can help, or pocket below the muscle, or strattice. An exam would be helpful.  Good luck.

Big implants ripple

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There are a couple of issues here - its sounds like your are quite thin, but opted for a large implant - that's a set-up for implant wrinkling. You could go with a smaller implant and probably would see less implant wrinkling. Fat grafting is another good option - would take a couple of sessions to improve the result.


Its unfortunate that your surgeon retired- more than likely he/she has another surgeon covering his/her practice. You might consider seeking a second opinion anyway - your situation is a little more complex now that you might be considering a third revision.

What to do when your surgeon retires

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Typically, when a plastic surgeon retires, he communicates this to his patients and provides the names of other physicians in the community who can take over your care. You should first taken the opportunity to obtain a full copy of your medical records, which will be useful to deal with your current issues and also at a later date. Be aware that the new plastic surgeon will need to be paid for the revision procedure.

Coverage for Retiring Surgeon

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In many cases, surgeons who are on the verge of retirement will request that another surgeon provide postoperative care for his/her patients. Contact the office of your implanting surgeon to identify if any such arrangements exist.

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