Natrelle Saline-filled Implants with Texture

I was to get saline implants without the texture. Today when I went to doctor he said he put in natrell textured saline implants and I specifically asked not to have that. I need to know about this kind of an implant. I am upset because of this and need to know more. Thanks Jean

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Textured implants

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Historically textured implants didnt come on the scene until the late 80's. If you are placing them on top of the muscle, there is good evidence that textured implants really do cut down on the chance for capuslar contracture. They also keep a shaped implant from turning around at will.

When placing them under the muscle there is no difference in the literature between the textured and the smooth wall implants in the chances of capsular contracture. When placing the implant above the muscle there is no question that using a textured implant will cut down on your chances of capsular contracture. There are those who believe that textured implants break sooner, as there is a sheer force applied to the. I tell my patients that the textured variation is a bit harder to the touch, as it is adherent to the soft tissues.

Personally, I dont find that the feel of the textured impants are as soft for most people., I would also say the they make the breast a bit harder and they dont move around as much the smooth variety. That being said, It isnt the end of the world. And if they are on top of the muscle, there are many good things I hope that this is helfpul and that you are doing well here.

It is unfortunate that you and your physician had poor comunication. I think that you should ask him why he used the textured implant in you. What were his pros and cons.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Natrelle implants

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There are currently two American breast implant manufacturers: Mentor and Allergan. Allergan has branded all of their breast implants with the name Natrelle.

Those implants include round saline-filled implants with both a smooth and textured shell (the texturing on Allergan's implants is called Biocell and the texturing on Mentor's implants is called Siltex.) They also make an anatomic or teardrop implant, and they only come with texturing (in order to help fix the anatomic implant in place, keeping it from rotating and thereby creating a disfigurement.)

Both textured and smooth are excellent. The purported advantage of texturing is to reduce capsular contracture. There is some suggestion that there is such an advantage with silicone filled implants, but it is far from proven, and there is no consensus about whether it really helps with silicone implants. With saline implants, most people believe that there is not an advantage in reducing contracture, but there are surgeon who believe that they notice a reduction wtih texturing. But all anatomic shaped implants are textured for the reason mentioned, whether saline or silicone filled.

The disadvantage of texturing is that some people believe that one can feel the shell a little more easily, and that folds or irregularities in the shell can be more obvious.

It is interesting that overseas, most implants used are textured, but in the United States, smooth are more often used.

In any case, both are excellent. Obviously, I don't know what transpired between you and your surgeon, but rest assured that textured Natrelle implants are excellent. Unless you had a specific problem that could be attributable to texturing, then this is probably not something worth worrying about.

Shaped, form stable breast implants

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I use quite a lot of shaped form stable implants. Biodimensional planning allows me to determine the ideal size and shape of an implant. Shaped implants are longer than round implants. They can be dieal in many scenarios. 

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Textured breast implants

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Breast implants are made with either smooth or textured shells.  Textured implants have a rough surface which was initially designed to decrease the likelihood of capsular contracture when implants were placed on top of the muscle.  When implants are placed on the under the muscle, the incidence of capsular contracture is roughly the same regardless of whether a smooth or textured implant is used.  Because textured implants have a thicker shell, they sometimes can produce more wrinkling or rippling in very thin patients.  It is important to remember that different plastic surgeons may have a preference for one type of shell over another.  If you are otherwise happy with your result, there really is no reason to panic about the choice of implant.

Kelly Gallego, MD, FACS
Yuba City Plastic Surgeon

Natrelle Saline Implants with Texture

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I am sorry to hear of your upset after surgery, but please be reassured that you have implants of the highest quality used frequently by plastic surgeons for breast augmentation.

A significant number of plastic surgeons prefer to use textured implants because some data suggests a lower capsule contracture with these implants.  Another reason textured implants are used is that a shaped implant ("tear drop" or "anatomic-shaped" implants) must maintain a proper orientation;  texturing prevents the implant from rotating out of proper orientation.

I hope this helps!

Textured vs. Smooth Breast Implants. What is the deal?

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"Textured" and "smooth" refer to the shell of the implant.  In a textured implant, the surface feels rough.  This causes the implant to adhere to the surrounding tissue, so the implants don't move. In a smooth implant the surface is smooth.

To discuss implant shells and make any sense, you have to talk about the "pocket."  The pocket is the space you make to put the breast implant in.  This space will laminate itself to form your capsule. 

When you have a textured implant the pocket is the SAME size as the implant.  Texturing is used on all shaped implants to help them "hold" so they don't rotate or migrate. 

When you have a smooth implant, the pocket can be any size, and frequently we make it bigger than the implant so the implant has room to move.

Textured implants can have issues with palpable wrinkling and leakage.  But if you have certain issues which lead to implant migration, and if you have issues with capsular contracture it may be a good choice.  I, like many on this panel, prefer the smooth round. 

Lauren Greenberg, MD
Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

Use of implants

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Your question is not easy to answer without an examination or photographs. There is certainly not once size or type of implant fits all. Some women are more appropriate candidates for smooth walled implant while other are better candidates for textured shaped anatomic implants. It you have sufficient soft tissue to cover the implant and you have a normal distance from the inframammary crease to the nipple then a smooth walled gel implant will be fine. But if you have a short distance from the nipple to the crease, in the 3 to 5 cm range and the only shape of the breast is the implant then a round implant will look round and not as natural as an anatomic implant. In some individuals I believe that the shaped textured implants will prevent complications such as a double bubble or bottoming out and malposition because the texturing helps the implant stay where you want it. The dissection for a shaped device is much more meticulous than with a round device since a shaped implant must fit in like a hand going in a glove. I use both smooth and textured implants. The procedure must be individualized and your plastic surgeon should have experience using both types so that you can get the optimal result. I find one of the biggest differences between a smooth implant and a shaped implant is that with a shaped implant the implant shapes the breast and not the other way around. Educate yourself about both types and make the best decision with the help of your plastic surgeon.

Textures silicone breast implants

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Texturing breast implants was initially developed as a method of decreasing capsular contracture.  Some doctors prefer one or another for a variety of reasons.  I personally prefer smooth implants.  They have a more pliable shell that feels a little softer.  If there is rippling with a saline implant this can be amplified by the texturing.  

If you have a soft result without rippling, then I wouldn't be concerned about the textured implants.  They have been proven safe and reliable.

York Jay Yates, MD
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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Textured Saline Implants

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Having augmented hundreds of women with textured saline submuscular prostheses, I would advise you not to consider technique or implants used, but your result.  If your breasts are pretty, proportionate with your body, symmetric with one another, soft, with an obscure scar, sensate nipples, and minimal rippling, wrinkling, or implant edge visibility and palpability, you have an outstanding result.  ENJOY THEM!

Implant texture

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I'm sorry to hear about your implants.  Hopefully, though, you will still achieve the result you seek.  Textured implants were designed to reduce capsular contracture.  They facilitate ingrowth of collagen and distort the organized structure of collagen that leads to contracture and hardening (In theory).  This ingrowth also leads to immobilization of anatomic implants (teardrop, etc.)   I rarely use these implants.  There is some evidence that they can reduce the risk of capsule formation, but the tissue ingrowth can lead to increased visibility of implant rippling.  Don't be discouraged.  It may be prudent to ask your surgeon the rationale for using textured implants.  He or she may have a valid reason.  Good luck!!

Jason Hess, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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