Opinion on Natrelle Breast Implants?

My breast augmentation is scheduled for September 3rd of this year. I know some doctors use one particular brand of breast implants or the other and some use both. The doctor I chose uses Natrelle. I am going with saline breast implants and I am 5' 1", between 10-105 pounds, and going from a 32AA/32A to a full C or small D. My only concern is that the base of this particular brand is wider than Mentor, so I didn't know if overfilling will make them project more and the base smaller. Any opinions?


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Natrelle implants

Your concerns for the particular implant are valid but the difference between these two implant companies is so small that neither one has been deemed better than the other. I think that if an ABPS board certified plastic surgeon has recommended your implants then he's probably right. Remember that the measurements that are made on your tissues (stretchable) are made with a ruler (rigid). Just by the photo that you've posted, and knowing the amount of size difference that you want, it's likely that the implants will be a little wider than what you measure along the base of your breast tissue (I'd have selected the high profile variety). Once they're placed under your muscle, they'll find a way to adjust in there. I suggest you don't go too big, but that's a question for you and your surgeon to decide.

The implant companies have differentiated their numbers so they're not exactly alike but their products are incredibly similar. The difference in measurements is often a milimeter or so and that really doesn't make a difference once it's in the breast pocket. We try to measure everything very precisely, but in all fairness, if two people measure your base width, you're not going to get the same number down to the millimeter. With that said, I use Natrelle just about every day and have yet to find a body type that didn't match the measurements where I wished I'd used Mentor. If this matter is really bothering you, then you should discuss it with your surgeon, I'm sure they'd be happy to spend some more time with you on it.

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Usually filling the implant to its maximal level will increase the projection and narrow the base.  You can review this with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Saline Breast implants: Natrelle vs Mentor

Both Allergan and Mentor are US based implant companies and have excellent quality control standards as well as business support. The selection of one brand over the other is a function of the surgeon's preference. Many surgeons recommend breast implants based on how well the base of the implant matches the width of your chest, as well as how much breast tissue you have. A simplistic formula is: eventual cup size = what you have and what is implanted.

Generally for petite women like you, I would favor either a moderate plus or high profile implant because the foot print compliments your frame. With respect to overfilling the implant, some physicians feel that this decreases the palpability and lateral pole wrinkling, while others feel that excessive overfilling can result in scalloping and an overly firm feel. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
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Overfilling an implant

The concept of overfilling an implant is debated.

Many prefer to stay within recommended implant volumes to not violate the implant warranty.

Advocates of overfilling claim it creates a fuller looking breast and may decrease the change of ripples. Others state that while overfilling decreases rippling, it can cause peripheral scalloping.

I have used the Mentor implants for a long time and have been generally pleased with the wide range of implant volumes and shapes.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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