Natrelle 410 full projection 295 cc or 335 cc. I want to keep a natural look for a C cup. What size is best? (photo)

This is what I wore before breastfeeding my child. I measure 5.4 and weighs 127 lbs now I wear a 32 d but I'm a b in reality . The hoop of b is only not wide enough for my breast. My left breast is falling more of my right breast, so i'm gonna have a small lift to the left and less cc in this one probably. I am afraid that with the 295 it does not quite fill the curve. I'm afraid the 335 is too big for me! Your suggestions please The last 2 pictures it's that i wish !!

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Not much difference.

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Between the 335 and 295 cc style 410 implants, you are talking about 3 mm of difference in projection and 5 mm difference in width of the implant.  In other words, you are looking at about 1/10th of an inch out and 1/5th of an inch around.  You should not worry too much about the difference in these sizes.  Depending on your chest width, I would probably use the larger implant if you are worried about one not being big enough -- I doubt you will think the 335 is too large.

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