Can nasolabial filler Restylane leak into the lips?

I had global fillers in my nasolabial folds next day felt the left side is excessive and my upper left lip is swelling up, injected small amount of hyalurinase to dissolve the excessive filler on the left side , next morning i developed more swelling upper lip and cheeks on the left side with tigling sensation on the lip, the sweliing fluctuate I can compress it out and it comes back is it an allergic reaction (swelling) or filler entry into the lips although I did not inject my lips

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Nasolabial Fillers and Swelling

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It is common to have some swelling after Restylane injections.  I am unsure why you had hyaluronidase injected the next day.  I would wait now two weeks for things to settle in since it is unclear what swelling is simply from the injections and what is from the manipulation of that area.  I would return to your treating physician to have this monitored on a frequent basis until the situation improves.

Restylane in NLF lines

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I don't know what "global fillers" are. I don't suggest any alterations or dissolving agents be used unless 10-14 days have passed since the initial injections. Before then it's hard to tell what's filler and what is swelling. Allergic reactions aren't swelling. Swelling is common after all fillers and should be expected. Can you post photos so we can help you better assess the situation?

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