Naso Labial Filler and Now I Have a Fold?

I had 2 cc's of fillers placed laterally above my naso labial line ( I had no fold, just a wrinkle) and now I have a fold. What would be the best way to address this now please? I was wondering if the filler was placed directly beneath the newly formed folds in the original wrinkle line,would it make the area stiff and bulky or could it be improved by filler in the mid cheek area to lift it? I would prefer not to use hyaluranidase as I have heard that can also create problems

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Folds after Restylane

In general, a "wrinkle" is a superficial line that can usually be corrected with a small amount of filler. If one stretches the skin around it, the wrinkle may appear better, but often does not go away. A "fold" is a deeper line that is caused by the skin folding on itself or becoming indented. A fold usually looks better if one stretches the skin around the fold (or by pulling one's cheeks back in this instance of the nasolabial fold). Folds are usually created by excess skin that sags down thus causing the fold. 


When treating folds, one fills the depressed fold and the excess skin that created the fold is displaced. Sometimes, a secondary fold is created by this displacement that is not desirable. 


In the case mentioned above, photographs would be most helpful.


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