Best Way to Fix Short, Depressed Nose and Will Insurance Cover It?

the nasion part of my nose is depressed. my nose is short .what is best way to fix my nose? There is no projection or dip that you can normally see in a nose. My nose looks like it deviated also. I do have insurance. Can insurance pay for a deviated nose? If so, how?

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Short Depressed Nose

Grafts can be placed to augument the nasion and lengthen your nose. Find an experienced surgeon because nasal lengthening is a difficult procedure. Insurance may cover any part of the surgery which is done to improve nasal function, such as breathing. Have your surgeon request a pre-operative authorization from your insurance company.

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Best Way to Fix Short, Depressed Nose and Will Insurance Cover It?


I would really need to see photos and/or perform an examination to give you the best advice on how exactly your issue may be resolved. Insurance will not typically cover any cosmetic work. However, depending on your insurance company, they may cover some or all of any functional work, and possibly a small portion of the cosmetic part of your surgery if it is deemed necessary for better function. Feel free to send any photos to my office and I would be happy to evaluate them for you. My contact information is listed in my profile. Hope this helps. Thank you, and best of luck.

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Insurance and Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty to lengthen your nose and correct the deviation is not usually covered by insurance.  If you have a deviated septum that can be proven to have cause difficulty breathing this procedure only may be covered by insurance. 

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Rhinoplasty for short, depressed, deviated nose

Any cosmetic surgery, including rhinoplasty, will most likely not be covered by insurance. If your nasal deviation is due to trauma or creates functional problems, there is a chance insurance will pay for the surgery.

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Insurance and rhinoplasty

Typically insurance will not pay for any aesthetic alterations of your nose unless you have been in a trauma and have broken your nose or it is affecting the breathing such as in external airway collapse or a very crooked nose. That being said it sounds as if you will need some major rhinoplasty surgery to augment and lengthen your nose and I would suggest a facial plastic surgeon or a general plastic surgeon with a lot of expertise in rhinoplasty surgery. I hope this information helps.

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Best Way to Fix Short, Depressed Nose and Will Insurance Cover It

While insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures of the nose, well documented longstanding breathing problems that are due to structural deformity can  be applied to insurance in many cases.  

This generally does not include the nasion, or changes in the nasal length.  In order to tell if you have a structural issue that may be applied to your insurance, an consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon is recommended.  

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Nose surgery

Unfortunately, the majority of unsurance companies will not pay for cosmetic nasal surgery.  If you have a severely deviated septum and can not breathe they may cover that portion of your  surgery.

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Best Way to Fix Short, Depressed Nose and Will Insurance Cover It

You forgot to post photos so my guess is no the insurance MOST LIKELY will not cover this problem, but I could be wrong. As for the best way to operate on this I can not really answer since I must see the area. Seek in person opinions. 

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