Should I wear braces or do surgery? (Photo)

I am 25 and my teeth are protruding. So I want to fix it. But one question is, wearing braces can make my mouth(jawline)can get normal place? As you can see my mouth is also protruding too. I don't want to do surgery tho. Thanks

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Surgery or Braces? Orthopedic Growth with DNA Appliance might be best choice.

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You have a very short lower third of your face and a recessive chin.  My first question before considering cosmetics is do you have chronic head and neck pain, tension headaches, jaw problems or oth issues.

If the answer is yes I would begin treatment by correcting jaw position with a diagnostic neuromuscular orthotic.  If there is no pain the DNA Appliance orthopedically can grow you by epigenetic orthodontics which I would do prior to either braces or surgery.  

It will correct profile issues and lip support issues.

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