Are Smile Care Club Invisible aligners a good alternative to Invisalign?

I had braces in high school, however my teeth were only a little crooked in the front. I was awful about wearing my retainer as I got older. Now I'm 30 and in the past couple of years, I've noticed that my teeth in the front are RE-crowding. My dentist has been trying to talk me into Invasalign but it's way too expensive. My question is, given that my back teeth are perfectly straight and I only suffer from crowding in the front, would the Smile Care Club aligners be a good alternative for me?
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SmileCareClub is a great option and is supervised by a doctor

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Cases like yours, where you had braces but allowed the teeth to relapse and become crooked again, are often good candidates for clear aligner therapy. Of course each case is different and, as mentioned earlier, it is best to have an orthodontist to examine your case before treatment.
SmileCareClub offers the best of all worlds - affordability, convenience and treatment to improve your smile supervised by a doctor licensed in your state. The doctor will review the photos and impressions you send in and determine if you are a good candidate for SmileCareClub. If your case is suitable for remote treatment, you will get an answer and your aligners without leaving the comfort of your home! If your case is more complex, you may have to go in for a couple visits before getting your aligners. In the most complex cases, or in cases where aligner therapy is not advised, SmileCareClub will help you find a qualified professional to give you a great smile using braces if you so choose.

Fayetteville Orthodontist

Many different ways to line up your teeth, including Smile Care Club as an option

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There are many different modalities of straightening teeth.  Depending on the malocclusion, there are going to various ways to go ahead and achieve your goal.  Your best bet to find out if it is a good alternative is to make an  inquiry to see if the doctors at Smile Care Club feel your situation would be successful using this method.  Good luck and keep us posted!

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

SmileCareClub is a good Solution

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Given everything you have described (acceptable canine and molar occlusion), then SmileCareClub is a great solution. 

Mark Weiser, DDS
Katy Orthodontist

Invisalign vs. Smile Care Club -Board Certified Orthodontist

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I would get a consultation with a local Orthodontist in your area before making your decision.  The most important thing in any Orthodontic treatment is a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.  Before choosing what type of aligner system to use, make sure to see an orthodontist for the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Ben Fishbein, DDS
Pensacola Orthodontist

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