Sinuses or something else?

The past few days or so I've noticed I've been coughing up blood or Ive been having a lot of blood and quarter size blood clots in my mucus. My nose would bleed first and then I noticed I would have a lot of bloody mucus and cough blood. Since then I've had 1-2 nose bleeds but no blood in my mucus or cough. And just now I was kind of coughing and there was a lot of blood that came up in a mucus form and a really big blood clot. And my nose started bleeding after.

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Bloody nose

There are many reasons for a bloody nose including problems within the nose and sinuses.  If you are having persistent problems, make an appointment to see an otolaryngologist who can help diagnose and treat your issues.

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Bleeding from your nose is called epistaxis and can be caused by numerous things, including, small vessels on the septum, bleeding disorder, hypertension, nasal trauma from nose blowing or picking the nose, inhaled substances, allergies, sinus infections, polyps, cysts and many more. I would see an ENT specialist for a complete evaluation. If your epistaxis causes you to cough up blood clots, then understanding why your nose is bleeding and correcting the problem should help. However, if your nasal exam is normal and you are still coughing up blood (hemoptysis), then you will require a complete physical and pulmonary evaluation asap to find out the cause. Hope this reply helps. 

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