Can I Get a Better Result if I Have my Nipple Reconstruction Revised?

I had bilateral nipple reconstruction in July 2012. The right nipple shrank to almost nothing and the left is pointing down somewhat. I would like a better and more symetrical result. The doctor did not use alloderm, just tissue flaps. I originally had bilateral nipple and skin sparing mastectomies in June 2011. I had to have free nipple grafts due to my large breasts and areolas. The right nipple and areola had some healing issues that I believe was due to the 8 hour long surgery.

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Nipple-areolar reconstruction

First of all I think you have a very nice breast reconstruction.

Nipple-areolar grafts at best lose nipple projection when healing in. With a nipple reconstruction at a later stage one can try to add some projection which is rather difficult to achieve. Alloderm can help.

You had two surgeries for your nipple areola and I do not know how much scarring this has caused and if there is any tissue left which can be used to increase and correct nipple projection.

I would let everything soften out (for at least one year after the last surgery). You than may revisit your surgeon and see if he has any suggestions or if he recommends to let things be as they are.

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