What is the recovery time from a thigh lift and lower body lift? (back portion only)

I have previously done a tummy tuck and it took me a solid 3-4 weeks of recovery where I was able to walk at my usual pace, get dressed, stand up fully straight. I'm planning on getting a minor thigh lift and continue my body lift (the back portion, and outer thigh.) Since there will be no muscle repairs or tightening, how long of a recovery can I expect? im an interior designer so half of my day is spent behind a desk while the other half is at clients' homes (organizing and moving things.)

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Recovery Time

The recovery time for a thigh lift and buttock lift is usually between 3-6 weeks.  If your incisions are healing well and your drains have been removed, you should be fine going back to your desk job, but you will need more time off from lifting and moving.  The more time you have off to rest, the less swelling and bruising you will have and often the better you will heal.  I would suggest making an appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and then discussing the guidelines he/she recommends for post-operative recovery.

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