I have a knot on my upper left chest. I am 10 days post op from explant, lift and fat transfer into breasts. What is the knot?

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Knot after breast lift, implants and fat transfer

At 10 days out from surgery, you are still considered "early" in the healing phase. It might be swelling around the fat transfer, localized fluid or blood, bruising or some inflammation from the healing process. Depending upon the amount of dissection this might be an area of "expected" hardness or might represent something more concerning. Definitely something to discuss with your surgeon, especially to ease your mind.  

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Knot in Breast after explant, lift and fat transfer?

The most likely cause of the knot is some of the fat that was transferred and most of the time it will disappear. It would be best, though, for you to see and express your concern with this area with your surgeon.  this, in case it is a small fluid filled or blood filled pocket which he might want to drain.  Either way, having he or she examine you could ease your mind!

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Early postoperative firmness

Hi, I have attached a link that might be helpful...

Hi hillbunn1. It is not uncommon to have areas of firmness early on while there is still signicant tissue swelling during the repair process. Firm areas occur around stitches along the incision lines, or can be scar tissue formation in any area that was dissected, or can be related to the transferred fat. Be sure to discuss this with your plastic surgeon soon so that you can figure out the cause, and form a plan of action. Best wishes,

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I have a knot on my upper left chest. I am 10 days post op from explant, lift and fat transfer into breasts. What is the knot?

This is really a question for your surgeon to answer. At 10 days postop you should not be too concerned.

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What is this "knot?"

  There are many things that may cause a "knot" only 10 days after surgery. Your PS would best be able to guide you and explain what this is likely to be.  Without examining you or seeing photos, I could only offer a guess. In the early post operative setting, like you are, this is most likely to be swelling and fluid around some of the transfered fat. You should ask your surgeon what to do. Some PS like warm heat pads, some like massage, while others prefer you do nothing. Don't worry too much as this doesn't sound too concerning at this time. Don't be afraid to ask your surgeon, Good luck.

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