I have two bumps on my nose that grow hair and have blood vessels. (photos)

I would like to know what they are and removal advice. I have been to numerous dermatologist and plastic surgeons that will not touch them because of the placement and uncertainty as to what they are. I have been told they are moles, but they are relatively flat, but still raised enough to make me self conscious. I have had them since I was 12 and they have always bothered me.

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See an expert for mole removal--shave or surgical removal

Please see an expert.  This can be removed by shave removal or surgical removal by a dermatologist that is well trained. Scarring can be treated with lasers or microneedling/prp. I also recommend using silicone based scar gels after removal. I suggest consulting with an experienced board certified dermatologist. Best, Dr. Emer

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Nose bumps

I would recommend that you see a craniofacial surgeon or someone who is trained in pediatric plastic surgery for a full evaluation.  It is hard to tell from the pictures, an in person eval is the best way to find out.  They may also need to order some imaging, such as an MRI to find out what they are.

They may be just moles, that is the most likely case.  However, there is a rare type of growth called a dermoid that grows on the bridge of the nose and can have hair as well.  In dermoids, much of the growth is under the skin and the surgeon needs to know exactly where it is before removing it. 

Best of luck

Dr Rodman

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