Can E-Matrix treatments improve the appearance of these scars? Are there any other treatments that I should consider? (Photo)

I have severe acne scarring on both cheeks. Can E-Matrix treatments improve the appearance of these scars any? Are there any other treatments that I should consider? How much improvement can realistically expect from any treatments?

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Is eMatrix useful for deep acne scars in dark skin? Williamsville, NY

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Thank you for the post.eMatirx would work for these deep boxed scars and especially for your skin type as it does NOT cause hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. However, there are better treatments that are more aggressive like fractional lasers.BestDr. Karamanoukian

Yes it would but there are better more.

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Acne scar revision is a specialised field. For the best results, one should target the acne scar type with ideal treatments. For example deep ice pick scars, and narrow box car scars can be treated with TCA CROSS peels, mixed scars, rolling, and atrophic scars treated with fractional devices such as Fraxel, fractional lasers, and INFINI radiofrequency. Atrophic scars (depressions) can be treated with either fat grafts, or with HA dermal fillers. Tethered and anchored scars are best treated with surgery.

The majority of patients will have a collection of different scar types, and hence a tailored treatment will be best. Careful examination, especially under angled lighting with scar mapping will give you an understanding of what are the best options for your scars.

In your case, eMatrix will work, but INFINI RF would work best. This is because eMatrix is sub ablative, this means the electrodes only penetrate to the mid epidermis (upper layers of the skin). In Australia we have an over ride function that enables us to deliver 100 mj per pin, but this only goes down to the bottom layer of your skin- well out of reach of the deepest scars. In your case, INFINI can penetrate 3.5 mm using insulated needles. This will give a better result than eMatrix. I have attached a video on eMatrix- I like this machine but use it to treat early acne scars. 

All the best,
Dr Davin Lim
Laser, surgical & aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

EMatrix and Scars on Dark Skin

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eMatrix would be the best treatment for these acne scars on darker skin.  I would stay away form fractional laser resurfacing since can cause hyperpigmentation.  Please keep us posted on your progress.  Best, Dr. Green

Acne Scarring -- Requires a Combination of Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Fillers Like Bellafill, Subcision and Eclipse Micropen

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You need a cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in acne scarring/pigmentation and does a combination of treatments including: surgery, subcision, or TCA cross for deep or pitted "ice pick" scars; fillers like Bellafill or Sculptra or Radiesse for broad "boxcar" or "rolling" scars; Eclipse Micropen for all types of scars and improvement in texture and tone; lasers such as co2 laser resurfacing or Fraxel/Clear+Brilliant or radiofrequency such as Venus Viva to improve the scars and give long term collagen production. There are many options but you want someone who can customize a regimen for your short and long term goals based on your individual situation. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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