Breast reduction recovery (Photo)

Hi I had breast reduction surgery about a month and a week ago and I have some swelling still my left breast is bigger than my right and there is swelling in middle of my left breast and on the side of the left breast the incisions are not flat oppose to the right side My doctor told me to use the paper tape due to an allergic reaction my skin is very itchy and still have blotches of skin rash which has darkened What do think should use? Will my breast incisions ever flatened and will my breast be even?

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Your incisions will likely improve with more time. Best to be patient with the results and follow your surgeon's recommendations.

Breast reduction recovery.

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Much of what troubles you will resolve after several months as the breast will soften can the shape will improve over time. If the tape irritates your skin you might try silicone sheeting, some are made specific to the breast reduction pattern.

1 month out from breast reduction

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In your photos it appears that your rt breast is more swollen than the lt. I would also guess that you had a free nipple graft procedure based on the lack of pigment in your nipples. All of what you are seeing is normal one month out. You need to give the breasts at least 6 mos to lose their swelling. You have a small dog ear on the lateral aspect of the breast and this also may go away. If not it can easily be fixed as a small office procedure. I think some 1% hydrocortisone cream works well to remove the dark areas around your scars. Be patient, you appear to have a very nice result.

Karen Quigley, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Breast Reduction recovery

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Hi.  Thanks for your questions.  Looking at your photos, it does appear that one of your breasts is a little larger than the other.  Your photos must be flipped though, because it seems that it is the right breast which is larger.  In any event, this is not uncommon early after surgery as sometimes one breast will swell a bit more than the other.  It will take several months for the swelling to go down.  Then you will know where you stand.  It is also VERY early to make any judgments about scars.  These will also take many months, possibly as long as a year, to mature.  To help things along, I  would recommend treating the scars with one of the topical silicone gel products such as Biocorneum, Spectragel, or Kelocote.  For a person of color, this will give you the best chance to minimize scarring.  Most importantly, keep in touch with your Plastic Surgeon, follow instructions, and try to be patient.  Best of luck.

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