Am I too big for Implants? (photo)

I asked about a breast lift or reduction but thought I'd ask about implants this time around. I read on here about a breast lift with implants. I'm a 48c so can I go bigger? Or would going smaller then having implants to make me the size I am now okay?

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Implants or no implants??

Thanks for your question.   You would need to meet with your plastic surgeon and be examined and evaluated to determine the proper plan for you.  Although your pictures are helpful, they are not enough to make a plan for your needs--we examine skin quality and your anatomy, not just where the breasts sit on the body.  I think you may want to do a breast lift with possible implants, but you could even do the lift first and see how you like that look and later determine whether or not to place implants.  I know this must seem confusing, but without examining you, it is too difficult to determine exactly what would be best.  Good luck.

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Mastopexy first

A board certified plastic surgeon (BCPS) with a detailed history and physical can assess you, your goals and your anatomy much better than I can with the limited information available here.  Nevertheless, in my opinion, I would think it reasonable to do a mastopexy (breast lift) and then assess at a later date whether an implant is reasonable or necessary.  There are more issues than can be discussed in this format but a BCPS can do this in person.  Good luck and at least go visit with a BCPS to start the process and become educated on what the options and pros and cons of surgery are.  

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