Asymmetrical Tip Hardness Normal? (photo)

I had an excellent Rhinoseptoplasty experience 5 weeks ago and very much expected some tip hardness for an extended period (bulbous tip with 30% reduction). However, I recently noticed one side of the tip has become more natural feeling and pliable, while the other side is very hard. Is this normal? The tip still appears symmetrical visually, but will this difference possibly result in an asymmetrical final healing of the tip? Or should I not be concerned at all?

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Asymmetrical healing post-rhinoplasty

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At five weeks post-surgery, I would not be concerned about this. In fact, the process of tissue softening and "normalizing" often is asymmetric and it may be quite some time before both sides become soft. 


Good luck!

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Asymmetrical Tip Hardness Normal

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Five weeks post rhinoplasty is still very early on your recovery process. I would expect swelling for several months. The two sides of the nose do not heal at the same rate, so you will experience tactile and visual differences.

Your photo seems like you have a very nice early result, and I would not worry about it. Looks like your surgeon did  a great job!



Michel Siegel, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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