6 months post 1st treatment sclerotherapy. Still have staining. Is this permanent? (Photo)

I had 2 treatments total. One November 12th. One December 30th. I wore the stockings like the doctor said, but have staining. Is this ever going to go away? Also the veins don't seem to be fading. Help!

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Melarase and Melapads for sclerotherapy scars

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I would start with Melarase PM and Melapads followed by q switch laser to reduce the pigmentation and hemosiderin marks on your legs. 


DR. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles


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Thank you for your question in regards to sclerotherapy. Brown pigment is trapped blood in the treated vein and is common after sclerotherapy treatments. It can take up to a year to subside on its own, although some lasers can be used to help speed up the healing process. To be sure what is best for you, see two or more board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment. I hope this helps.

Hyperpigmentation On Face/Body -- Clear + Brilliant/Viva, Microneelding/PRP, Skin lightening/Peels, Aerolase, Pico Laser

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this can be improved with tattoo lasers and skin lightening.  I suggest no more treatments till this improves.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Retained coagulum after sclerotherapy needs to be drained

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Thank you for your question.

I agree with Dr. Landi. These are thrombosed vein segments with retained coagulum. The blue purple hue is suggestive of inadequate compression after sclerotherapy and the treatment is drainage to reduce the discoloration effect. 

Dr H Karamanoukian

Post sclerotherapy staining.

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The posted pictures look like clotted veins.  These should be drained (evacuated) with a needle under local anesthesia.  By draining these this will improved the chances of the staining resolving.  Form the pictures I feel that your problem will significantly improve with drainage and time.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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