I Have Been on Isotretinoin for About 60 Days. Skin Responded Well to 10mg but with 20 I Have Acne, Redness and Hot Cheeks?

I have been on Isotretinoin sotret for 60 days.took 10 mg for 45 days &my skin responded well.became a lil dry, pimples went away, there was no rednesstexture became much smoother. since last two weeks of 20 mg skin is breaking out again on my cheeks withlots of redness and warmth on cheeks.am 35 yrs, F,128 lbs *what should be my dose and duration of Rx *will the backache & painful stiff tendonachilles go away after treatment *which moisturizer and sunscreen should i use that wont break me out

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Isotretinoin and side effects.

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The usual dose of Isotretinoin is 0.5mg to 2mg per kg of body weight.  Your dose of 20mg is still quite low.  There are side effects that make your skin very sensitive and the effects are cummulative.  Could your "hot cheeks" also be irritated by what you are cleansing your skin with?  I tell my patients to use gentle washing (no acne medicated wash!),use non clogging sunscreens, protective hat and eye glasses.  Good luck, take care.

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