How much would it cost to get dental implants? (Photo)

Also ibwad thinking i would have to remove all three teeth and put implants in would this be possible and if so how much would it cost me

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Dental implant cost in india

its difficult to say anything without seeing yr case. or how much extractions are required. but u r also worried about cost, so if u r planning for multiple implants in that case dental tourism is good option. treatment cost is 25% of what u r paying in yr own country. so u will save huge amount on yr treatment. we charge $450 for nobel biocare dental implant in india.

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Cost of Dental Implant

Well for that you need to visit the dentist because from picture its not possible to tell the exact amount of dental implant. Visit your near by dentist for the suggestion.

Shahin Safarian, DMD
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Dental implants

It is difficult to propose any treatment plan with the above pic alone. We need Dental x-rays to suggest the best treatment plan for you.However, the cost of a good Dental implant in our clinic is Indian Rupees 25000 ( approximately USD 400 each)

Good luck.

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