Nasal folds, forehead lines, saggy jowls and TIRED look! What is best? Age 37yrs (Photo)

My Nasal folds, forehead lines, saggy jowls and TIRED look is bothering me.. I am 37yrs, have done botox and fillers many times but need more realstic solution now that can last couple of years atleast. Pls suggest whats best from Mini f-Lift, mid f-lift, s-lift, threadlift? Something less expensive which gives good and long term results atleast 5-7 years. Thanks

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Facial Aging Solutions

You are at the chronological age at which you will see more gravitational decent of your tissues, volume loss of your mid face, and loss of skin elasticity. Your longest lasting result will be the combination of a lifting procedure, and some form of skin exfoliation, laser, or chemical. Once you have healed, your surgeon will likely recommend some filler to your mid face to ice the cake. Ask for computer imaging to see reallistically, based upon your anatomy what is achievable for you. 

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Advanced Mini Face/Neck lift under local with a chemical peel usually perks up the face nicely.

An advanced Mini Face/Neck lift which is really a true face/neck lift but done under local anesthesia is so safe and easy to undergo with very dramatic results for roughly $8800 on special and lasts a long time. A chemical peel is the icing on the cake which really refreshes the entire face nicely for roughly $750-1000 on special and is usually done at the same time as the mini lift.  Sincerely, David Hansen,MD

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