Nasal Wall Collapse and Excessive Flare After Mid Face Lift

I have been left with nasal collapse on inhalation and excessive flare and movement when talking and smiling, following a mid face lift 5 years ago. What procedures may help this as it is very disconcerting for me and also people remark on it?

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Nasal concerns after mid face lift

It is impossible to say without a physical examination of what is going on after the mid facelift. It sounds as though you may had synkinesis and/or a facial nerve paralysis, follow up with your surgeon.

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Nasal Collapse after Midface Lift

It is difficult to explain  the changes that occured after your midface lift. Because your complaints are related to nasal appearance and function, it would be best  to get a copy of your operative report and consult with an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Mid face lift

Those are pretty unusual problems after a midfacelift but surgeons do different things and call them another thing. I would go back and see your surgeon or find another reputable plastic surgeon. In most cases, something can usually be done to correct problems like you are experiencing.

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Seems unusual

The lifting of the midface can create a set of circumstances that may widen the nasal base but it should not at the same time create a situation where external valve collapse is a problem.  The internal valve should never be affected by such a procedure as the usual vector of elevation is up and lateral and not medial

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Nasal wall collapse after a mid face lift.

It is not possible to give a good answer without seeing you. See an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon to get the best answer to this problem.

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