Nasal Tip is Much Rounder and Larger Should I Be Concerned About Polly Beak and Take Steroid Injections? (photo)

I am worried after having rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. My nose is very hard, round and large in the tip area. The purpose of surgery was to raise the tip and make all straight and narrow, but it is opposite now. I also feel elevated hardness on the supratip. Do I have pollybeak? Should I be taking steroid injections soon to fix this? I know swelling takes 9-12 months, but anything similar to what it is now will be much worse than before. I would appreciate input since I am very scared about it.

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Polly Beak after a rhinoplasty?

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You do have an early polly beak deformity but this does not mean that it will last.  Give it time for the tip swelling to subside before you consider steroid injections.  More than likely you will do just fine.  

Polybeak and rhinoplasty

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At 2 weeks post surgery it is way too early to consider steroids or the possibility of poly beak deformity.  It will take at least a few months for the swelling to go down and then yuo can assess is there is an issue.  Steroid injections can then be considered as a treatment option for supratip fullness, or poly beak deformity

Jeremy Hunt  

Changes after rhinoplasty

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You cannot make a definitive assessment of your nose at only two weeks post op.   Several of the issues you are noting are due to swelling in the tissues.  I would not recomment any steroids.   Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Two weeks after rhinoplasty is probably early for steroid injections.

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Two weeks after rhinoplasty the swelling is in its acute phase. I think more time has to be left to the natural healing processes before introducing steroids.

Swollen tip and steroids

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At 2 weeks after surgery, the nose is usually very swollen. Be patient and allow some of this swelling to subside. 

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