Nasal Tip Reduction 4 Months but Now Have Bump Forming on Bridge?

I had a nasal tip reduction 4 months ago and have suffered severely with large amounts of swelling due to thick skin. I also had the side of my bridge (right) shaved slightly as my surgeon suggested my final nose would look more even. i have noticed that I am forming a bump on my bridge which I have never had before. Will this go? I'm so scared!

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Post-rhinoplasty bumb

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First, don't be scared.  Second, express your concerns with your doctor.  Sometimes swelling can give the a transient bump that will eventually go away.  Other bumps may go on to be permanent, but if you act sooner with some maneuvers that your doctor gives you, it may be averted.  Only with exam can your doctor diagnose the problem and advise you accordingly.



Bump on nose after rhinoplasty.

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Bump on nose after rhinoplasty may take 1 year to go away. If it does not it can be filed under local anesthesia.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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