Nasal Surgery After Accident - Worried About Vocal Cord Damage with General Anesthesia

I'm a singer and I'm worried about having rhinoplasty. weeks ago, I was hit in the nose and I have not been breathing right since. I feel my septum blocking one nostril and the bone at the top of my nose feels like it's been chipped. The last time I had general anesthesia, I had a very sore throat and hoarse voice for weeks after. I don't want to do permanent damage to my vocal cords, as they're my main source of income. How can I fix my nose while protecting my voice WITHOUT general anesthesia?

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Nasal Surgery After Accident

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You may have nasal surgery under local with sedation as well as general anesthesia with LMA which does not go through the vocal cords and therefore cause hoarseness.

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Your concerns are valid given your history. Although some surgeons routinely perform rhinoplasty under IV sedation with local anesthetic I do not. It sounds like you need septal surgery as well and I suspect even fewer surgeons are willing to do that under less than general anesthesia. There is a way to use a LMA and still undergo general anesthesia. That avoids placing a tube past the vocal cords. My operating room anesthesia staff however will not use the LMA on rhinoplasty cases because they are afraid they could lose control of the airway. If you do not have or need septal work I think you could easily find a surgeon to fix the chip you feel under less than general anesthesia especially in New York City. Your other options are have the tube placed past the vocal cords under direct vision with a scope or time the surgery when you are on vacation and will not have to sing for a few weeks.

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